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    Retro Style Mirror With Lights Warm 3000K (80x120cm)

      The Retro Light Mirror is an elegant and atmospheric interior piece that combines the classic mirror with beautiful background illumination, all with a touch of retro style. With dimensions of 80x120, this frameless mirror boasts a rounded rectangular shape that imparts a soft and sophisticated appearance, drawing inspiration from designs of bygone eras. The background illumination creates a warm and inviting ambiance within the space, while also accentuating the mirror's form. This unique illuminated mirror serves as an excellent addition to interiors seeking both functionality and visual allure, and its retro aesthetic adds a hint of nostalgic charm to the modern home. This Mirror resembles the modern design and brings a exclusive style to any space.

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      Technical Details

      • Manufacturer: Glassfactory
      • Style: modern
      • Thickness: 4mm
      • Dimensions: 80x120cm
      • Frame: frameless
      • Shape: rounded quadrilateral

      Behold the Retro Styled Light Mirror's superior design.

      Submerge yourself in the realm of exquisite design with the Retro Styled Light Mirror by Glassfactory. This isn't just any mirror – it's a seamless blend of sophistication and function, tailored to your needs. Inspired by the classic modern, its refined thickness of 4mm mm speaks volumes about its incomparable quality.

      Sized at 80x120cm, this wall mirror boasts a sleek, frameless design that complements both spacious and familiar spaces alike. Its pure rounded quadrilateral form elevates every reflection, turning the simple act of viewing into a captivating visual feel.

      Whether you're seeking a wall mirror to anchor your room, provide clear, everyday reflections, or accentuate your interiors, the Retro Styled Light Mirror stands as a testament to your impeccable taste and love for understated luxury. With this mirror, it's more than just seeing your reflection; it's about experiencing a fusion of design and function that perfectly aligns with your style.

      Reflecting prestige in Every Space

      Boost your interior decor and create a Unparalled ambiance with this exceptional mirror. Its versatility and excellence ensure that it precisely fits your home, office, or any space where you want to add a touch of luxury and elegance.


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