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    Brighten your space - versatile small mirror in multiple colours

    Don´t let the size fool you! Small mirror can be used in various spaces to brighten your bedroom or bathroom. Do you want to amplify natural light in your beautiful bathroom? We would recommend you to check our popular Retro Styled Mirror with Lights with dimensions of only 60 x 80 cm. In addition, our luxurious Aitta Slimline mirror can bring an elegant look to the room with its black frame. You can also bring classic beauty to your home with small mirror with oak frame.

    Compact elegance - the perfect small mirror for your bathroom

    Bathrooms of today represent a more luxurious feel than ever. You can find a small bathroom mirror from our collection that fits to your home just right. If your bathroom is filled with round lines, please check out our Round Mirror with back light. Should you have more angular shapes in your private spa, our Mirror S with lights will match your interior design reserving only 80 x 70 cm of your wall space. Explore our small bathroom mirror collection that not only reflects your face but also your impeccable taste.

    Transform any corner - Small wall mirror with grand impact!

    Dive into our curated small wall mirror collection, designed to bring style to any corner of your home. While they may be compact, they create a grand impact in hallways and cozy spaces. Our Aitta Slimline Mirror is one of the most popular choices in Glassfactory webshop. It resembles Scandinavian style with its sophisticated oak frame. With it dimensions of 50 x 50 cm, it is more than easy to place in any room. If you really want to create a unique style to your home, Special Shape Mirror with lights is worth your attention.

    The perfect curve - Small round mirror makes a statement

    These petite circular gems are more than just functional pieces: they are a testament to the art of design. Warm glow is always appreciated at home, that is why we highlight our Round Mirror with warm backlight with a diameter of 80 cm. Small round mirror is easy to blend into both modern and traditional interiors.

    The tiny treasure - Find your ideal small standing mirror

    Find the perfect small standing mirror from our webhop. A small standing mirror can be compact but they also bring touch of elegance to any space they adorn. But beyond their primary function, they open a world of creative possibilities. Imagine placing one on a beautifully set dining table, reflecting the soft glow of candlelight, or on a bookshelf, catching glimpses of your treasured reads. Set one against a backdrop of vibrant indoor plants, allowing the greenery to playfully interact with reflections, or use it as an accent piece on a decorative tray, paired with trinkets and baubles.