Full Length

See the complete picture - shop your full length mirror today

Introducing our sleek full length mirror, the epitome of minimalist elegance. Measuring at a slim 50 x 200 cm, our popular Aitta Slimline Mirror is tailored to fit effortlessly into any space while offering a complete reflection. Its slender design exudes modern sophistication, making it a standout piece for contemporary interiors. Perfect for those head-to-toe glances, this mirror ensures you're always looking your best. Explore our collection and elevate your decor with this refined full-length gem.

The perfect elegance to your home with a gold full length mirror

Infused with opulence, a gold full length mirror adds a touch of classic elegance to contemporary designs. Beyond its beauty, it offers an expansive reflection, ensuring you're always seen in the best light. Perfect for those seeking a blend of style and functionality, our Aitta Slimline Full Lenght Mirror with Gold Brass Frame is a true statement piece. Measuring 100 x 170 cm it adds an elegant style to any room.

Complete your room’s look with a full length arch mirror

Discover the allure of our full length arch mirror, where classic curvature meets modern design. The gentle arch at the top adds a soft, elegant touch to its elongated form. Perfect for adding depth and a touch of architectural charm to any room, this mirror is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Its unique shape makes it a focal point, drawing eyes and compliments alike. Explore our range and let this arched beauty elevate your interior to new heights.

Full length wall mirror - where style meets total clarity

Discover sophistication with our slim full length wall mirror, Aitta Slimline Mirror is designed for the discerning decorator. Measuring precisely at 50 x 200 cm, its slender silhouette effortlessly enhances any wall it graces. Ideal for compact spaces or minimalist decors, this mirror offers a comprehensive reflection without overwhelming the room. Its sleek profile merges functionality with style, turning any space into a chic haven. Browse our selection and find your inspiration from our wide range of full length mirrors.

Why settle for less? A large full length mirror is all you need!

Unveil elegance with our large full length mirror selection. A masterpiece of design and proportion is our Aitta Slimline Mirror. At a streamlined 100 x 170 cm, its generous size is complemented by a gorgeous slim black frame, adding a touch of modern sophistication. This mirror effortlessly becomes the focal point of any room, reflecting style from every angle. Its sleek frame ensures it blends seamlessly, making it an exquisite addition to both minimalist and opulent interiors. Explore our collection and let this striking piece redefine your space.

Bold and beautiful - choose a black full length mirror

Step into refined elegance with our black full length mirror range. Measuring a precise 50 x 200 cm, our Aitta Slimline Mirror with its stature is beautifully framed by a stunning slim black border. This mirror exudes contemporary charm, effortlessly elevating any interior it adorns. The combination of its slender profile and deep black frame makes it a timeless piece, perfect for both modern and classic decors. Delve into our range and let this chic mirror become the star of your space.