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    Arch & Curved

    Arched gold mirror - an instant room upgrade

    From minimalist, slender frames to ornate, detailed designs, there's a Gold Arched Mirror to fit every taste and decor. Emanating a blend of classic elegance and modern luxury, a gold arched mirror is an epitome of sophisticated design. Their refined gold frames paired with the timeless arched silhouette make them a coveted choice for discerning decorators. The reflective properties, combined with the arch and gold frame, can amplify light and make rooms appear more spacious and opulent.

    Unveiling elegance - a black arched mirror makes a bold statement

    Exuding a blend of modern sophistication and timeless charm, black arched mirror is the pinnacle of understated elegance. Their sleek black frames, combined with the arch's graceful curve, make them a must-have for those seeking a bold yet refined aesthetic. Built with precision and durability in mind, our mirrors promise to remain a centerpiece for years to come. Add a chic touch above dressers or in dressing areas or create a sophisticated ambiance for dining rooms.

    Discover timeless elegance - your perfect arched wall mirror awaits

    Embodying a harmonious blend of tradition and trend, an arched wall Mirror infuses any space with a touch of architectural elegance. Defined by their iconic curved tops, these mirrors seamlessly bridge classic design with contemporary appeal, making them a versatile choice for a myriad of interiors. For example our Kaari Modern Arch Mirror is compatible with a vast range of decor styles, from rustic and vintage to ultra-modern. This full length arched wall mirror with dimensions of 70 x 150 cm can visually enlarge a room and boost its luminosity.

    Elevate every outfit check with our luxe arched full length mirror

    Marrying form with function, our arched full length mirror serves as a marriage of style and utility. Their iconic arched top, paired with a generous reflective surface, offers a complete view while infusing spaces with architectural elegance. Perfect for those seeking both a practical viewing mirror and a statement décor piece. One product that stands out from this range is, Kaari Modern Arch Mirror with dimensions of 90 x 190 cm. It is perfectly suitable for bedrooms, walk-in closets, hallways or even spacious bathrooms.

    Your perfect reflection - large arched mirror full length to any room

    Epitomizing grandeur and functionality, the large arched mirror full length is a striking amalgamation of size and sophistication. These mirrors, characterized by their sweeping arch and expansive reflective surface, offer a full, unobstructed view while simultaneously serving as a commanding decorative element in any interior setting. The gem of the collection is Kaari Modern Arch Mirror with Led lights. The size of 90 x 190 cm and top quality LED lighting add great functionality and unique elegance to any room.