Extra Large

Beyond size: Extra large mirror with eye-catching color options

Every mirror in this category promises not only expansive reflections but also a unique color frame to seamlessly blend or stand out in your space. Handcrafted with precision, each piece resonates with quality, style, and individuality. Whether you're looking to make a statement or harmonize with your existing interiors, our every extra large mirror with color options offers versatility at its finest. One of our all-time favorite products is Aitta Slimline Mirror with Black Frame. This extra large mirror with dimensions of 110 x 210 cm and beautiful black aluminum frame fits perfectly with modern decoration. Extra large mirror is also available in a frame with gold, oak and white color.

The ultimate reflection - shop our extra large wall mirror collection

Boasting impressive dimensions, our every extra large wall mirror promises to transform any room, creating an illusion of space, amplifying natural light, and adding a touch of sophistication. Designed to be both functional and decorative, these mirrors are perfect for living rooms, dining areas, hallways, or any space that deserves a touch of grandiosity. Our Aitta Slimline Mirror with White Frame is worth your attention, in case you are looking for an elegant extra large wall mirror.

Circle of style - find your extra large round mirror from our collection

Designed for discerning homeowners and decorators, each mirror within this category embodies a harmonious blend of size and sophistication. These mirrors not only offer generous reflective surfaces but also serve as captivating focal points, bringing depth, light, and architectural interest to any space. Perfect for anchoring expansive walls in living areas, foyers, or dining rooms, our extra large round wall mirrors are both decorative and functional, providing a window-like effect that can open up and brighten rooms. Each of our extra large round mirror stands as a testament to timeless design and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Make a statement with an extra large mirror for wall!

Step into a world where Finnish precision meets universal elegance with our extra large mirror for wall collection. Whether your space exudes traditional warmth or contemporary chic, our collection offers a mirror that seamlessly blends in, while standing out with its distinct Finnish quality. At Glassfactory, we believe in the harmonious union of form and function, and our extra large wall mirror is a testament to that belief. We especially recommend you to check the sophisticated Aitta Slimline Mirror with Oak Frame with its respectful 110 x 210 cm dimensions.

See the full picture - Dive into our extra large floor mirror collection

Big on size, big on elegance! Our beautiful extra large floor mirror collection will elevate your interiors. Whether you're in need of a full lenght mirror to anchor your room, serve everyday reflections, or elevate your interiors, the Aitta - Slimline Full Lenght Mirror With Gold Frame impresses with its gold frame and its size with 110 x 210 cm dimensions. It absorbs the blend of design and function that perfectly mirrors your style.

Extra large mirror 200cm presents a majestic view

The commanding presence of an extra large mirror 200cm brings the advantage of spatial transformation. With its vast reflective surface, it effortlessly magnifies any room it adorns, capturing and dispersing light in a way that creates an illusion of extended space. This infusion of brightness and perceived depth can turn even the most compact areas into seemingly expansive sanctuaries. Take a look at our Aitta Slimline Mirror with the dimensions of 110 x 210 cm.